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Pe 23.2.2018 13:00 – 17:00
Intercultural Communication in the Classroom
When working with students from different backgrounds, what types of challenges, or even conflicts, can arise in the classroom? How can these be addressed and solved? What can intercultural education teach us about better communication and understanding? Luckan Integration, as a part of the project CROSS, offers an insightful workshop to teachers and educators who work with multicultural groups of students.

At the start of a new life in Finland, language is one of the earliest and most important ways of interaction for newcomers. The way Finnish or Swedish is taught will not only determine the student’s proficiency, but also their vision of the new home. How teachers hear and understand the students’ backgrounds is fundamental.

Besides teaching a language, teachers act unintentionally as representatives and messengers of a new and foreign culture. Throughout the learning process, within the classroom, many factors come to play. Different cultural backgrounds, different ways of expressing oneself and different habits can get in the way of the teaching and learning process. Sensitivity, respect and neutrality, on both sides, are key values that cannot be overlooked.

Aminkeng Atabong (Ph.D.) is a visiting researcher at the Centre for Research on Ethnic Relations and Nationalism (Swedish School of Social Sciences, University of Helsinki). He specialises in issues of race, racism, antiracism and antiracism education. More about his work can be seen here

As the facilitator, he invites participants to bring forward during the workshop challenges they experience in their daily interactions. These situations will be deconstructed and analysed, and strategies and tools to deal with them will be offered and proposed. The workshop will focus on group work, sharing challenges, as well as finding effective solutions and strategies for improving communication in the classroom.

The workshop is free of charge and places are limited. Registrations are taken through


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