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  1. katse horisontissa rannalla koululaiset

    Humans and the sea

    The interactive guided tour
    Tue 19.2.2019 – Sun 2.2.2020

    The interactive guided tour, Humans and the Sea, suits learners of all ages. During the tour we study life by the sea, as well as the conditions it sets for those who live near or make their living from it. The tour takes on natural scientific and...

    • Exhibition
    • Workshop
    • Daycare and primary classes
    • 1.-2. grade
    • 3.-6. grade
    • 7.-9. grade
    • Vocational school
    • Includes art education
  2. kivinen hirvenpää

    Finland's prehistory

    New exhibition on Finland's prehistory
    Tue 1.8.2017 – Thu 31.12.2020

    Who are we and where did we come from? The area now comprising Finland was first settled 10,000 years ago. What kind of a world did these people live in?...

    • Exhibition
    • 3.-6. grade
    • Includes art education