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  1. Itsenäisyyden ajan esineitä
    Mon 17.8. – Thu 31.12.2020

    The tour includes artefacts from the autonomous era and iconic objects illustrating the welfare state. Duration 45–60 min. The tour is suitable for those interested in Finnish history, as well as upper secondary school and secondary education...

    • Oppimisen tilat
    • 3.-6. grade
    • 7.-9. grade
    • Vocational school
    • Includes art education
  2. Utopia nyt
    Tue 31.10.2017 – Thu 31.12.2020

    This exhibition presents the integral role of design in the evolution of the Finnish welfare state. It has five themes illustrating the history of design through living stories. The exhibition’s digital applications permit the display of materials...

    • Exhibition
    • 3.-6. grade
    • 7.-9. grade
    • Includes art education