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  1. Esihistoriallinen esine, arkeologinen löytö hirvenpää
    Mon 17.8. – Thu 31.12.2020

    This multisensory exhibition and tour will lead the visitors to consider how the prehistorical period can be studied and what life was like back then. They will also learn about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age, as well as the difference...

    • Oppimisen tilat
    • 3.-6. grade
    • Vocational school
    • Includes art education
  2. Tove Jansson
    HAM Helsingin taidemuseo
    Tue 1.1.2019 – Thu 31.12.2020

    The works of Tove Jansson (1914–2001) are amongs the most cherished pieces in the HAM collection. HAM has dedicated some of its galleries to an exhibition of the artist’s life and works.

    • Exhibition
    • Preparatory education
    • Daycare and primary classes
    • 1.-2. grade
    • 3.-6. grade
    • 7.-9. grade
    • Vocational school
    • Includes art education