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Egypt of Glory: Virtual tomb

Fri 9.10.2020 – Sun 21.3.2021
Egyptin loisto
A virtual tomb has been created for the Egypt of glory exhibition. You no not need to visit to the museum to experience the virtual tomb. Anyone can experience it anywhere and at any time with the free Arilyn app.

In ancient Egypt, a tomb served two purposes. To the deceased it offered a safe final resting place, and to the relatives a place where they could perform rituals to ensure a good afterlife for the deceased. Therefore the tomb itself was also divided into two sections: the aboveground funerary chapel and the sealed underground chamber that we now have a rare opportunity to peek into.

This tomb has been recreated with the help of augmented reality (AR) and is mostly based on the real-life tomb of Paheri, located in the ancient city of Nekhen in Upper Egypt, in the area of the present-day city of El Kab. The tomb was constructed during the 18th Dynasty, the reign of Pharaoh Thutmose III.

The virtual tomb can be experienced with the free Arilyn app.
Read directions how to enter the virtual tomb:

This virtual tomb has been built in collaboration with Danske Bank, Amos Rex’s main partner.

Contact person

Melanie Orenius

Event organizer

Amos Rex

Maanalainen taidemuseo Helsingin Lasipalatsissa. Amos Rexissä on vuosittain noin kolme vaihtuvaa näyttelyä sekä pysyvä kokoelmaripustus.

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Lataa kalenteriisi Fri 9.10.2020 to Sun 21.3.2021 Lataa kalenteriisi
Amos Rex
Mannerheimintie 22 - 24, 00100 Helsinki