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Everything is up in the air, thus our vertigo
Wed 10.6. – Sun 13.9.2020
Yann Mingard:  Geotieteen ja ympäristötutkimuksen instituutti (IGE), GLACE-ryhmä, Grenoble, Ranska, 2017.
Kuvaaja: Yann Mingard, artwork: (cropped), artist: Yann Mingard
Everything is up in the air, thus our vertigo (2015–2018) is a body of work inspired by geological phenomena, such as sedimentation and layering, which moves freely between different contexts, times and places, creating a full picture of the impact of the human race on the environment.

In January 1968, a US Air Force bomber carrying nuclear weapons crashed onto ice along the coast of Greenland. In South Korea, a group of scientists is attempting to clone a mammoth using DNA preserved in permafrost. In the Illgraben valley in Switzerland, scientists use an electronic alarm system to detect the slightest signs of mud slides. The solo exhibition of the Swiss artist Yann Mingard (b. 1973) binds together events that may seem unconnected and random at first glance.

Mingard urges us to rethink our role and place as citizens and consumers in a world that is changing rapidly as a result of our own actions, as well as of cosmological changes occurring independently of us.

Everything is up in the air, thus our vertigo is based on a four-year research project and incorporates expert interviews and documents from various sources. The project has been published as a book, and six of its eight chapters are included in this exhibition.This is Mingard's first solo exhibition in the Nordic countries.

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Kastehelmi Korpijaakko, Educational curator

Event organizer

Suomen valokuvataiteen museo

Suomen valokuvataiteen museo on valtakunnallinen valokuvan erikoismuseo Kaapelitehtaalla Helsingissä, jonka näyttelyt esittelevät monipuolisesti valokuvan ja visuaalisen kulttuurin eri osa-alueita ja historiaa. Taidevalokuvan lisäksi näyttelysisällöissä painottuvat myös uutiskuva ja mainoskuva. Näyttelyihin liittyvät opastukset, työpajat, taiteilijatapaamiset ja luennot tutustuttavat kaikenikäisiä valokuvauksen nykypäivään ja historiaan.

time and place

Lataa kalenteriisi Wed 10.6.2020 11:00 to Sun 13.9.2020 18:00Lataa kalenteriisi
The Finnish Museum of Photography
Kaapelitehdas, Tallberginkatu 1 G, 00180 Helsinki


Type of event
School or kindergarten group tours: 50 €. For kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools. Teachers who have booked guided tours for school groups are welcome to visit the exhibition in advance, free of charge. Under 18 y.o. free admission.