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Toinen Luonto

New premiere in Finnish 2.3.2019
Sat 2. – Sat 30.3.2019
Toinen Luonto (Mark Niskanen)
Kuvaaja: Mark Niskanen, artwork: Toinen Luonto
The critically acclaimed hit returns to Viirus – in Finnish!

Toinen Luonto is a funny and at the same time melancholic performances about getting used to living, the ethical choices that are hidden in our everyday lives and the moments in life that shake up our habitual behaviour. The performance contemplates our mortality, that we share with all the other living beings.

Unpacking the relationship between humans and animals the performance looks deeper, at ones relationship to the other. How do we perceive the difference between living creatures. What does it mean to own another, is it allowed or even possible? Can you refuse to do so?


Subtitles available in English.

Contact person

Hanna Sundman
09 440 224

Event organizer

Teater Viirus

Viirus skapar högaktuell scenkonst och prioriterar nyskrivna texter som inte tidigare satts upp i Finland. Viirus är en samhällsförankrad teater som lever i nuet.

time and place

Viirus, Helsingfors
Medelhavsgatan 14, 00220 Helsingfors


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15 € / oppilas, opettajalle vapaa pääsy oman kouluryhmän kanssa