Henna Ahon maalaus, jossa käsinkudottua tekstiiliä ja yhdistettynä esineitä
Photo: Henna Aho

Henna Aho: Comfy Digits, tm•gallery 22.2.-17.3.2024

Henna Aho's art works combine painting, handwoven textiles and various objects.

Henna Aho is a multidisciplinary visual artist known for her abstract, large-scale, material-based constructions that combine painting, handwoven textiles and various objects. Her art works are inspired by the intersection of fine art, folk art and design. She is interested in exploring color, form and materiality; about narratives, home environment and everyday life, yoga, physicality and breathing techniques, poetic combination of elements and neo-spiritual mysticism.

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Guided Gallery Tour (in Finnish) 3.3. 2-4pm, Meet the Artist 17.3. 2-4pm


Fine arts


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Grades 3–6, Grades 7–9, Other group, Upper secondary and vocational education, special groups


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Tm-Galleria, Taidemaalariliitto

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Katariina Lager


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