Cultural routes

Cultural routes provide ideas for art and cultural visits

Cultural routes are designed to strengthen the status of art and culture in education and ensure that all Helsinki children and young people have access to a wide variety of cultural content and events. Cultural routes suggest art and cultural content appropriate for each age group or grade and support the objectives of cultural education.

Cultural routes offer contents that are already part of the activities of daycare centres and schools, as well as new ideas for future established content. Cultural routes include, for example, visits to libraries and museums, art tours, events, introductions to performing arts and much more. Early childhood educators and teachers can modify the cultural route plan to suit the needs of their respective groups and carry out more than one cultural visit per age group or grade if they wish. Cultural education visits are not tied to specific subjects. Preferably, the children and young people are to participate in the planning and choosing of the visits.

The cultural route in secondary education offers students diverse cultural contents. It fosters wellbeing through arts and culture experiences. The cultural route covers both general upper secondary education and vocational education and training. The route can be modified according to the needs of the educational institution.